Allan Fully

Allan Fully is 14 years old and lives in South Florida, his heritage is filled with rhythm and culture as he is Dominican and Puerto Rican.

At the young age of 7 Allan already knew that he wanted to be a performer, he asked his parents to take him to a local talent audition, it was at that event that he realized he would need to develop some specific skills that would help him accomplish his dreams. Within a couple of years, he learned how to play guitar and that instrument lead the way in learning multiple instruments. Allan has played lead drums at a local church and is currently leading praise and worship at 1Purpose Church which his parents founded earlier this year.

Being a part of the Celebration of Music has been an exciting journey and he is pumped to continue the ride. Vote for Allan Fully, lets’ ride this roller-coaster together, share this link and ask your friends and family to vote Allan. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

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