Ella Joy Holtmeier

Ella Holtmeier, age 6, thinks Kindergarten is “amazing”. Her first time on stage was in utero (Mom is a musician). She began her musical journey by attending Kindermusik classes at age 2. After dabbling with the violin for 3 years, Ella decided to give singing a try at the Omaha Conservatory of Music summer institute. She LOVED her lessons with Broadway star, Tiffany Haas, and was a big hit at her first solo performance. Ella enjoys swimming, dance, yoga, and especially riding horses. In her free time, you’d likely catch Ella picking up bugs on a walk, composing on her hot-pink toy keyboard or jumping over piles of pillows like a prize-winning horse (she’s OBSESSED). She also enjoys painting, reading, playing with friends, Moana, YouTube, Minecraft and her cat, Sergei.

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