Soundproof is a 5-member, Grunge/Indie band from Knoxville, Tn, playing covers along with original music. The band members are all talented musicians on their own, but once they got together they gelled as a band immediately. Band members include Collette Lucas (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Lila Satterfield (guitar), Simon Fillers, (guitar, backup vocals), Nick Gates (bass) and Caden Allitt (drums, percussion). While all go to different Middle and High Schools, they represent a great selection of young musicians in the Knoxville area. Four of the band members are current or past students of School of Rock, Knoxville, and met through the program.

Collette (CJ) is a 14-year-old singer/songwriter. She has an amazing catalog of music that she has written and along with playing ukulele, guitar, and keyboards she has a voice that is distinct and soulful. If CJ isn't hanging out with Soundproof you can find her at an Open Mic night sharing her talents.

Lila has been playing guitar only for a couple of years and is a natural, playing like someone that has played for a decade. This 14-year-old can shred!! Lila is also an accomplished tennis player, playing on the Varsity team as a freshman.

Simon rounds out the 14-year-olds. Simon is one of the founding members of Soundproof (with Caden). He knew he wanted to rock with other kids that had the same drive to succeed as he did. Simon brings smooth guitar licks to Soundproof and has recently found his "voice", rounding out the vocals with Collette. Simon runs cross country and track for his high school and loves to hit the dirt on his mountain bike.

Nick, the elder of the group at 16 years old. He holds down the bass line, playing 4 String and 5 string bass guitar and also knows his way around an electric guitar. Nick is highly active in his award winning High School Marching band ( bass), Indoor Percussion Ensemble ( guitar) and String Orchestra (guitar). All of this has made him a pro at changing music from woodwinds and horns into rocking guitar tracks!!

Caden (drums) rounds out the band. He is a 13-year-old middle school student. Caden plays drums, percussion, bass and guitar. He also plays in the High School Marching Band and Percussion Ensemble with Nick. Caden is a true percussionist, playing all aspects in the school band and has been in the Honors Music Program in East Tennessee since 6th grade.

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